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Stackable Modular Carboard Cabinet

Our Paper Life

Stackable storage system
  • modular, stackable
  • color choices: orange, black and green
  • made from recycled cardboard, recyclable
  • free of toxic materials (no VOCs such as Formaldehyde) 
  • hold upto 30 lbs each shelf
  • water resistant coating
  • with a drawer or not, make your own combo
  • fold it up in 10 min, no tools required 



Small = W: 41.9 cm (16.5”) x H: 15.4 cm (10”) x D:1.75 cm (12”)
Large = W: 41.9 cm (16.5”) x H: 38.1 cm (15”) x D:31.75 cm (12”)

A healthy, inexpensive and practical choice for you to make your storage system for your home and office.

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